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Follow Our 2010 Reformation Video Blog

My fellow pastors,

I’ll be overseas for the next couple of weeks, leading our Insight for Living Reformation Tour. During that time, I won’t be posting my regular pastor’s blog.

However . . . I invite you to follow along with our tour by subscribing below to our Reformation Tour Video Blog. The blog will feature daily video of sites we’re seeing and lessons we’re learning. I believe you will enjoy it! 


Please pray for me as I teach at many of these locations. Pray that God’s Word would take firm root in the hearts of those who travel with us.



P. S. Although I won't be posting to this blog, I will post regular FaceBook and Twitter updates throughout the trip. If you are interested, you can follow me on FaceBook and Twitter.


Just curious, but when Rev. Swindoll does his morning sermons, he never repeats the book and chapter in the Bible that he's referencing. He only states the verse. For those of us who listen to him on the way to work, we sometimes catch his sermon in the middle and don't have the benefit of knowing where in the Bible he's coming from. I was wondering if he does that on purpose. Frustrated.

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