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Counteracting the Perils of Ministry Success

I want God’s best for you, my friend. But I’ll be honest, I fear for you.

Why? You are gifted. You have the ears of your congregation. They hang on your words. They love and trust you. So what’s the problem? One of the most vulnerable times in your ministry is a season of success.

In a recent chapel service at Dallas Theological Seminary, I spoke on how to counteract the perils of achievement in ministry.

My request of you? Give me the next half hour and allow me to share with you through this video how you can truly succeed in ministry.




I would really like to hear what you have to say, however it is not possible for me to watch the video so I would appreciate it if you could point me to where I could find perhaps a transcript for this.

Thanks and God bless!

Hi, Michael,

Chuck’s chapel message isn’t available via transcript, but you can download the mp3 here:


Thanks for reading!

God bless,

Wayne Stiles

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