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November 15, 2007



With the skyrocketing divorce rate in our country and the family courts bend on destroying the family unit, we must let our voices be heard in the name of Our Lord and for the future of our precious and beloved children.


Gracias por crear este blog para los padres, God bless you

Cesar Zepeda

Thank You!


Nicely written. Timely advice for parents.

Marian V. Lofton

I soo enjoy Paws and Tails. I also appreciate the time and prayerful effort that is put into each episode.
Created for kids, yet encouraging to parents
Thank You,


I have also heard of this passage being interpreted as a warning against training a child in the way he is "bent." The warning alerts parents that letting the child go with his natural sinful inclinations will lead the child down a destructive path from which he will not depart when he is old. What do you think about this interpretation?


Thank you so much for that insight...I often find that your ministery speaks directly to my heart. Praise God for you all! Keep on keeping on, I love it!!

Jill Niece

I have read this scripture several times, but this helps me make more sense of it. Both of my children are in college. My son is graduating this year and my daughter is a sophomore. They are both believers and want to follow God's plan for their lives. At what point are our children "grown"? I feel I should still lead them, but I also know that I also need to let them find their own way. I trust God to lead them, but it is hard to just let go.

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