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Know Your Audience

Two mistakes are commonly made in our pulpits.

The first is giving Christians too much of the gospel . . . the second is giving lost people too much theology.

Christians don’t grow if they only hear about the cross and the resurrection in our preaching. Expositional teaching in sound theology will help the saints grow strong—especially when they are struggling with life. Practical theology reminds us that God has chosen us for salvation and for a life of obedience and good deeds—and that we are secure in the family of God. The Lord will never abandon His own.

Lost people, on the other hand, don’t need the deep subjects of theology. They need, first and foremost, the plain truth about their sin, their Savior, and the faith that can set them free.

My point? We preachers need to know our audience . . . and then give them what they need.