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Pastors and Pornography

Let me ask you a tough question:

Do you struggle with internet pornography?
If you do, you're not alone. Many pastors today are caught in porn's deceptive tentacles and they feel there is no way to escape.
But there is.
I want to recommend an article that we recently published on our Insight for Living Web site. It's Pastor Darrell Brazell's candid story of his addiction—but more importantly—of his freedom from pornography's grasp. You can read his story here.
Let me also add that if you want to contact someone in complete confidentiality, you can connect with our pastoral counseling team on our Pastor-to-Pastor line at 972-473-5102 (Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. central time). They are well-trained and can offer you some practical steps.

You will also find encouragement and resources on our Men's Purity topical page.
If you struggle with porn as a pastor, I know that you want to break free. I'm certain that you want to honor the Lord. Freedom is possible.
I urge you to begin right now.



I admit that after reading Pastor Brazell's story, I found myself identifying with some of the same struggles. I know I felt the same way when being tormented in my mind. The good news ... I too found help. I found freedom in Christ. I have had a burning desire to preach His word since age 4. I love His word. My delight is in the word of God as stated in Psalm 1. Once those spiritual physicians were able to help me see the root cause of my struggle and sin, surgery was performed. Thank God for grace and for freedom. I know there are those that use grace as an excuse to sin. I realized grace set me free from being a slave to sin.

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